Delivering a Better Path for Cancer Patients

A gentler approach to treating tough diseases

DNAbilize® is Bio-Path’s novel and patented method for producing antisense DNA therapeutics for a broad spectrum of indications, including cancer. This innovative platform improves upon the drawbacks of traditional approaches, which are limited by the toxicity induced by either the DNA backbone or the lipid delivery. These approaches are dose limiting. Due to instability in plasma and hepatic clearance, antisense DNA without lipid delivery does not reach therapeutically effective levels in blood and serum.

DNAbilize® overcomes these challenges by combining a neutral charge P-ethoxy DNA backbone with a neutral charge liposome. The result is a high payload liposome with DNA safely delivered inside non-toxic cell membrane-like molecules. Our antisense DNA can be delivered in high doses to target cells through the blood and lymphatic system with no evidence of toxicity in patients in clinical trials to date, in contrast to other lipid delivery technologies with dose limiting toxicities.

This technology is different from other lipid-based delivery technologies, which use positively charged lipids to form complexes between the lipids and the molecules of interest. Our neutral lipids form structures similar to the cellular membrane, allowing the antisense drug to incorporate within the hydrophobic bilayer and be delivered to the diseased cells efficiently. While many companies have focused research on either the DNA stabilization problem or the lipid delivery problem, DNAbilize® is the first technology to address both.

Bio-Path holds a strong intellectual property position for DNAbilize®, including composition of matter and methods patents.