Neutral Lipid Delivery Technology Platform

Development of antisense drugs has been limited by the lack of a suitable method to deliver high concentrations of these drugs to the diseased cells. Bio-Path's neutral lipid delivery technology provides systemic distribution of nucleic acid antisense drugs throughout the human body by simple intravenous infusion. 

Partnering Opportunities

Bio-Path seeks to apply its proprietary technology to new protein targets in cancer and in other disease indications

The Company is interested in pursuing a wide-ranging, proactive licensing program to include co-development of a specific liposomal antisense drug candidate; sub-license the delivery template for outside development of one or more liposomal antisense drug candidates; or out-license a partially developed drug for final development and marketing.

Potential partners who are interested in these opportunities, please contact us at


Bio-Path's delivery technology is different from most other lipid-based delivery technologies, which use positively charged lipids to form complexes between the lipids and the molecules of interest. Bio-Path's neutral lipids form structures similar to the cellular membrane, therefore allowing the antisense drug to be incorporated within the lipid layers and be delivered to the diseased cells with high uptake into the cell.

The major benefit of Bio-Path's neutral lipid technology compared to the cationic lipid technology is that there has been no evidence of toxicity with Bio-Path's technology, while cationic lipid technology has known toxic side effects that have limited its development into viable treatments for cancer.


Other Lipid


Neutral Lipid

Cationic Lipid

Method of Action hydrophobic/ hydrophilic electrostatic
Drug Substance incorporation electrostatic binding
Structure multi-lamellar complexes
Observed Preclinical Toxicity none

toxic due to charge

Incorporation Efficiency high high
Cellular Uptake high (compared to free-standing oligo) high (compared to free-standing oligo)


Bio-Path holds a strong intellectual property position, including composition of matter patents for neutral lipid p-ethoxy antisense.